Great Customer Service Gets Great Qualitative Research Results

Great Customer Service Gets Great Qualitative Research Results

The secret to great qualitative results is no secret at all: Great customer service will produce great qualitative results and bring clients back each time. 

Whether it’s a dismissive look, bad communication, or just plain rude behavior, poor customer service spells disaster swifter than just about any other business indiscretion.

Here are 3 Important Concepts You Need to Know for Success!

1. Stellar Service

No one will care how good your services are if you are doing a poor job delivering it! Clients appreciate care and attention. The little details are sometimes the most important and without them, the project could be ruined. Keep your clients updated, whether it is good news or bad news. They will appreciate your honesty and will be glad you had told them in advance, rather than last minute when there is no time to fix the situation. An extra thought to stay aware of while keeping excellent contact with your client, is that the type of communication has changed.  Most often, things are done over e-mail, so make sure you are conscientious about writing clients back in a timely manner.  Years ago, if you made customers unhappy they might have told 6 friends. In this new age of technology, if you make a customer unhappy, on the Internet, they can easily tell 6,000 friends. So, make sure you are holding up your end of the bargain and be a good communicator!

2. Time is Not on Your Side

In most cases, time is not on your side! As a result of projects that have strict due dates, time is of the essence! Clients have deadlines to meet and expect that you will do everything possible to meet those deadlines.  Once you have accepted a project you have made a commitment and have a responsibility to get the job done.  Move quickly, efficiently, and again keep your clients in the know! Update them as much as you can.

3. Establish Trust—Most Important

Don’t you hate when you have been promised something and it doesn’t happen? Don’t make promises to your clients that you can’t keep. If you keep your word, you will grow a business into a trusted brand that will receive plenty of referrals and testimonials. Your client will love working with you!

Communication is the key to a successful research project. When working with a qualitative research firm, be sure that you receive frequent updates throughout the recruiting process to make sure that the recruiting process is on track and on schedule.

These 3 tips to great customer service that will deliver great qualitative research results is something that we live by at Group Dynamics!
— The Group Dynamics Team