About Us—The Partnership

“Partnership” has many connotations but, for Group Dynamics, we are the company that clearly defines this as “partnering” with our staff, clients and each other.

Our History

In the 1960’s and '70’s Merle Holman, the founder of Group Dynamics, was earning her education in quantitative research as an employee of full service firms. She had the opportunity to write questionnaires, interview in the field, train door to door, phone and mall interviewers, recruit respondents for focus groups (usually held in hotel rooms) and, for 7 years, owned a field service from her home.

In 1981 Merle and Judy Lame, co-workers at National Analysts, opened the first focus group facility in Bala Cynwyd, just minutes from Center City Philadelphia.

As the facility and staff grew so did its reputation in the industry for professionalism, awareness of the marketplace and new technologies...Group Dynamics takes pride in their commitment to providing valuable insights into their clients' products and services.

Robin Kaplan & Merle Holman

Robin Kaplan & Merle Holman

Robin and Merle pride themselves on their personal attention to detail and share their passionate role in being a family-owned-and-operated-business. You are encouraged to continue to be or become part of our “partnership”.

Our Present and Our Future

Group Dynamics’ excellent reputation for professionalism and awareness of the marketplace continues to grow under the guidance of Robin Kaplan in her role as President. For Robin, her second generation family-owned-and-operated business is more than just a qualitative research firm. The relationships Robin maintains with her staff and customers demonstrate her dedication to continuously get her clients' projects completed successfully, while at the same time,  delivering 100% client satisfaction. 

Group Dynamics has built solid relationships with their clients over the years. Working hard to preserve their clients’ trust, Group Dynamics continues to grow and innovate along with the constantly changing demands of the industry. Robin works diligently to stay in sync with her clients’ current needs, maintaining the perfect balance between commitment and innovation.

Robin fully recognizes the challenges her job presents as qualitative research continues to become more complex. Finding the right respondents is one piece of an intricate puzzle. Making all the pieces fit together is the basis for Robin’s tenacity. Robin loves what she does, because each day is a new project with new goals to achieve.

The real foundation for Robin’s enthusiasm begins with knowing how her work impacts the lives of individuals.

No matter how many challenges qualitative research demands, the real foundation for Robin’s enthusiasm begins with knowing how her work impacts the lives of individuals. Whether it is medical patients, pharmaceuticals, or consumer products, Group Dynamics gathers valuable and necessary information from respondents and delivers quality results to their clients. Superior qualitative research enhances the level and value of the businesses that Group Dynamics serves.

As Group Dynamics has grown throughout the years, so has Robin’s dedication to provide for her family of clients and employees. “Business is personal,” says Robin, “I am so fortunate to go to work each day and enjoy the personal relationships that have flourished over the years.”

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