Choosing a Qualitative Research Firm Based on Price is a Mistake

Choosing a Qualitative Research Firm Based on Price is a Mistake

If you pay for a quality service, you will get quality results! An experienced qualitative research firm will be competitive with the pricing, but not necessarily the least expensive.

Take the time to question the costs and find out why there is a price disparity. The additional costs may be the difference between a successful project and one that isn’t. 

Choosing a qualitative research firm based on price is a mistake. Here are 4 questions that you should really be asking while planning your next research project. 

4 Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Next Qualitative Research Firm

1. What are the goals of your project?

Know the timeline and deadline of your project.
What do you expect the qualitative research to accomplish within that timeline.

2. Does the recruiting process include:

  • An appropriate timetable that allocates enough time to recruit quality respondents for your project
  • A top-notch database to recruit the RIGHT respondents.
  • Experience and creativity when recruiting niche-type respondents that may not fit the typical databases.
  • Frequent updates & communication on the progress of the recruiting to make sure the demographics of the respondents are being fulfilled.
  • Incentives commensurate to the respondents time. For example, incentives to recruit a neurosurgeon will be much different than an incentive to recruit a student.
  • Validating the respondents at least once prior to the research project.

3. Is the qualitative reasearch firm staffed with professional personnel?

  • Does the firm's staff communicate with you and provide up-to-date reports on the status of your project?
  • Is the staff friendly, communicative and accessible?
  • For in-person research, when your respondents arrive at the qualitative research facility, will they be greeted with a friendly smile from a live person? Someone to answer their questions and direct them to the proper conference room. After all, you are depending on the respondents for open and honest opinions. The last thing you want is for them to feel unwelcome and uncomfortable.

4. Does the timeline seem too good to be true?

  • A timeline that is overly optimistic may not be accomplishing all the goals and parameters of your project.
  • A too short timeline may be an indication of shoddy or incomplete recruiting.

If you want your project done right, be skeptical of low bids. When choosing a qualitative research firm for your next focus group or recruiting project, go beyond price. Consider the value and benefits you will gain from an accomplished, professional, and trusted qualitative research firm. Excellent service pays off!

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