Technical Services

Our on-site technicians take care of all of your technical details...if we don’t have it, we know where to get it!

We recognize that all of the technology needed for your qualitative research study must perform flawlessly; towards that end you can be assured there is always a back-up.

Group Dynamics offers the following:

  • Comcast and FIOS

    • Download speeds of 85 Mbps

    • Upload speed of 45 Mbps 

  • Videoconferencing and videostreaming

    • Available in all suites through our partnership with FocusVision

  • On-line focus groups

  • DVD, digital audio and video

  • LCD/multi-media projector

  • Laptops with high-speed, broadband Internet access

    • Available for your use throughout the facility

  • Business Center

Any questions on our technology?  Contact Margaret Roth: