Kathy Paoletti Senior Project Director

Congratulations Kathy! On over 30 years of service!

From the moment I walked through the doors at Group Dynamics back in 1986 (“the old days”), I knew the company was my destiny. Robin greeted me at the door and immediately I began my Qualitative Assistant  duties – meeting and greeting respondents and engaging the clients. It is all these years later and I still feel as though my career began only a short time ago.

Group Dynamics has given me the opportunity to work all aspects of the business from a Qualitative Assistant to Senior Project Director. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride with plenty of wild and exciting projects from diaper placements to sexual arousal devices. There is never a dull minute in the world of marketing research.

As a Senior Project Director, I am constantly engaged with my co-workers, my clients and our recruiting staff. On a weekly basis, we have staff meetings to discuss the present qualitative research projects and upcoming work. Every project is treated with “TLC” and each of the project directors, myself included, establish an open line of communication with our clients.

Every job is a labor of love and continuing to be the best possible person I can for each and every client is my goal every day of the year.
— Kathy Paoletti

Fun Facts About Kathy

My favorite way to spend free time is spending time with my two sons and watching them play sports. 
Silver Linings is my favorite movie and The American is one of my favorite TV shows.

Margaret Roth Project Director

Congratulations Margaret! On over 25 Years of Service!
I am committed to providing quality and service. I want to be proud of the work associated with my name. After over 20 years at Group Dynamics I continue to be dedicated to upholding the integrity and solid work ethic displayed by every single person who works at Group Dynamics.

Group Dynamics reflects my personal values which is a main reason I hope my career continues to thrive as a team player and family member of Group Dynamics.

One of my strengths is being detail oriented. I do my best to relay information to my Clients in a timely fashion, accurately and honestly. I provide as much detail as possible to back-up the knowledge we learn during the recruit process. Since not all studies are so clear-cut this knowledge can be critical in realizing if flexibility and widening the scope for qualifying may be necessary for a project to result in success.

And, simply being kind goes a long way!

I aim to provide quality service and build loyal, long lasting relationships with my clients for many years to come.
— Margaret Roth

Communication is KEY!  Keeping the lines of communication open during the entire qualitative research project process will yield the best results as well as aide in establishing a trusting relationship between clients and myself. I aim to provide quality service and build loyal, long lasting relationships with my clients for many years to come. I hope my work practices earn the trust of my clients resulting in Group Dynamics being their “go-to” facility when in Philadelphia.

Fun Facts About Margaret

The Good Wife and Nashville are my favorite tv shows at the moment. I also enjoy mindless, fluff reality shows. I watch a lot of ESPN – Sports Nation is very entertaining.

Going to Bethany Beach, DE is one my favorite places. The beach is my “Happy Place”.  So somewhere with a beach where I can breathe the ocean air and helps me relax is divine.

Lori Marvin Office Manager


Thank you for calling Group Dynamics….this is Lori, how may I help you?
— Lori Marvin

For 32 of our 36 years you have either spoken to and /or  been greeted by Lori Marvin as you step off of the elevator into our facility. Lori is part of the foundation of our company, the spark to the engine that makes Group Dynamics so personal. Her history is our history…from cassettes to CD’s, video’s to videoconferencing, typewriters to computers…..innovative, forward thinking and welcoming.